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Wrecks of the Red Sea

The Red Sea has been an important international waterway since time immemorial. The first record of a trading expedition in the Red Sea dates back to year 1493 BC, when Queen Hatchepsut of Egypt sent a fleet of five vessels from El Quseir, on the Red Sea mainland coast, to the Land of Punt, near present-day Somalia.

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The Loss of the Jolanda (pronounced Yolanda): On 1 April 1980 the Jolanda struck a reef near Râs Mohammed and came to rest on her port side in shallow water. She was balanced precariously above a very steep drop-off. In 1986, British diver and author Lawson Wood took his family to Egypt intent on showing his children this particular shipwreck. As they approached the site, however, the sea became so rough they were unable to locate the mooring line attached to the wreck. Consequently, they moored elsewhere. That night, a violent storm dislodged the Jolanda which slipped off the reef into very deep water. Lawson and his children had a very narrow escape.

Diving the Jolanda: The remains of the containers which were being carried as deck cargo are found above the drop-off where the ship originally foundered. The actual containers have rotted away to reveal their content of bathroom fittings and the motor car which is completely crushed. There are also a number of deck hatches nearby.

Postscript (1): The ship itself has now been discovered at a depth of 205m.

Postscript (2): The container site has become known as Yolanda Reef - named after the wreck, but spelt incorrectly.

Ned Middleton is an award-winning, best selling author. For more information about this and other shipwrecks found within the Egyptian sector of the Red Sea, his book “Shipwrecks from the Egyptian Red Sea” (ISBN 1898162719 and 1905492162) is readily available. This book was declared “Underwater Publication of the Year” for 2007.


Shark and Yolanda Reef, Ras Mohamed National Park


Some remains are at 10 - 30m and ship is at 205m






Motor fishing vessel




74.8m x 10.75m with a draught of 3.5m


Diesel engines


Seabrother Marine Co Ltd, Piraeus


Containerised bathroom fittings and a car