Blue Magazine was the first magazine published by the CDWS, below are the eight issues of the magazine!

About Blue Magazine

Blue was the leading diving and water sports magazine in the Red Sea. First published by the CDWS in the summer of 2009. Blue was edited by British journalist Charlotte Boan. Charlotte and her team of international contributors, all experts in their field of diving and water sports, brought together fresh and exciting features in every issue, including regular articles on the Red Sea wrecks, technical diving, health matters, photography tips, marine life, environmental issues, destinations, snorkeling, and other water sports.

Issue #1 01-06-2009

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Issue #2 02-08-2009

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Issue #3 03-10-2009

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Issue #4 04-01-2010

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Issue #5 05-03-2010

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Issue #6 06-07-2010

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Issue #7 07-10-2010

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Issue #8 08-01-2011

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