Temporary CDWS cards for foreigners

Temporary CDWS cards for foreigners

Steps to issue temporary CDWS cards for foreigners: 

It is possible now to issue a temporary CDWS card for foreigners with a grace period of two months until the work permit procedures are complete and by the following requirements: 

  • Take the CDWS exam for those who qualify:


  • Request Equivalent Certificate


  • Presenting proof that the center has submitted the applications to proceed to issue a work permit. 
  • Pay the service fees, knowing that this payment is for a card that is valid for two months only. 


  • Sign the attached acknowledgment by the center’s technical manager or company admin upon receiving the card. 
  • When issuing a work permit or form no. 4, it is uploaded to the professional’s account on the CDWS platforms, and this way no additional annual fees will be required when obtaining the card.