Tourism Police permits to accompany and secure touristic groups in South Sinai

Required Procedures for the CDWS members in South Sinai to issue the required Tourism Police permits to accompany and secure touristic groups traveling to other cities

Tourism Police permits to accompany and secure touristic groups in South Sinai

In coordination with the Tourism and Antiquities Police sector- the Department of Tourism Safety and Security regarding issuing the required Tourism Police permits requested by the CDWS members to accompany the tourist groups going to Ras Mohamed and Nabq National Parks or traveling to the cities of Dahab, Nuweiba, Taba to carry out any diving activities.

Please be informed that as of Monday the 10th of April 2023, the CDWS members with a valid MOT&A license are required to follow the following procedures to obtain the previously mentioned permit from the Department of Tourism Safety and Security (South Sinai) office:

1-    The facilities must issue a trip notification form using the trip notification application through the following link:    

2-    Submitting the attached form on daily basis to the CDWS (signed and stamped by the facility) 
On daily basis between 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm for the trips scheduled to take place on the next day.

3-    Kindly submit the previous form in a JPG format along with the trip notification form through WhatsApp on 01223250555, using the technical manager’s number listed in the form.

4-    The CDWS will send an email to the technical manager with a link to submit the payment online after reviewing the application and ensuring all the data provided are accurate. (Attached are the Online Payment Instructions):

5-    After submitting the payment by the facility, the CDWS will deliver the permit to the Department of Tourism Safety and Security office of South Sinai for their review and security approval. 

6-    The authorized permit could be later collected by the technical manager or the pro. listed on the form by the facility, in the event that the permit is not received it will be canceled after an hour from the time of collecting the permit.  

7-    Any permit that is not stamped or approved by the Tourism police or the CDWS shall not be considered valid, the CDWS and the tourism police department can reject the request of any establishment in case of not complying with the previous requirements or with the relevant security measures.

8-    The original document of the permit must be kept during the round trip to be provided to the authorities in case requested. 

9-    This does not replace other permits required to carry out any activity from other relevant authorities.

10- Adhering to the date and time of receiving the permit is a must, according to the start time of the trip listed in the form.

11- In case of amending the form, it is not possible to add to the number of practitioners or change the destination of the trip.  

12- In case of amendments, the following form must be filled with the amended data and submitted before receiving the permit on the day of the trip:

13- The original CDWS card, driver’s and vehicle’s license must be submitted when receiving the permit, bearing in mind that the time of receiving the permit is sufficient before the start of the trip.