Green Fins

Green Fins

Green Fins is the only internationally recognized voluntary eco-certification offering a sustainable management approach for diving & snorkeling operators.

The Green Fins initiative was started by the United Nations Environmental Program in collaboration with the Reef-World Foundation, a U.K-based charity and managed locally in Egypt by the Chamber of Diving & Water Sports. Egypt is the 11th country to have adopted Green Fins. 

The aim of the Green Fins management approach is to help operators reduce their negative impact on the marine environment by adopting easy & achievable Eco-friendly practices, training the staff on how they can become better environmentally-friendly role models and passing the knowledge on to their guests.

In order to become a Green Fins member, the diving or snorkeling operator will have to pass an assessment in which, the operator’s impact on the Red Sea environment will be evaluated by the Green Fins Assessors team. Once the operator has passed the assessment, they can become a member.

Congratulations to the following dive centers that are pioneering Green Fins Egypt and riding the eco-friendly wave. Being a Green Fins member means that you are actively reducing your impact on the environment and working to protect the sea throughout your diving activities. 

If you are interested in becoming a Green Fins member, check out the website and contact our local office at [email protected]

The Green Fins initiative aims to empower people like you to take simple actions to protect our oceans. You can download, use and share all our sustainability tools and materials for free: the material is available on our website in both Arabic and English languages and you can check the Green Fins website for additional languages and materials.