Explore the Red Sea Windsurfing destinations

Windsurfing inHurghada

Hurghada , is where it all started

Like famous Dahab in the Sinai, the old town of Hurghada along the northern coast of Egypt has always been a favourite destination for windsurfers. And thanks to the constant strong winds, numerous windsurf centres have been established, especially in the southern part of the town. The wind blows with an average of 4 – 7 Bft from April to October and with 3 – 4 Bft from November to March.

There are a couple of smaller or bigger bays, protected by the high waves by extensive offshore sandbanks, thus creating great windsurfing conditions. The wind blows almost always sideonshore from the left and the centres are situated on the premises of some great hotels and have designated areas for this water sports activity.

The experienced windsurfers start right from the beach, once you feel confident you can practice the water start in the protected standing areas, which can be an extensive area or somewhat shorter, depending on the location. Only experts shall venture out on the sea when the wind is blowing with more than 6 Bft, creating chops which reach up to 1 ½ metres on a good day.

Practical Advice on Windsurfing

What do bring along – Equipment rental / storage

Windsurf equipment is usually a bit bulky and heavy as other surf equipment and usually not easy to fit into an oversized bag including boards and sails. However, you had better check with your airlinecompany if excess weight and luggage are allowed, in most cases, you will have to pay an extra fee for yourextra luggage! If you would like to rent you will find huge centers at all windsurfing destinations in Egyptwith a verity of equipment suitable for a free ride, freestyle, wave ride, and beginners, it is recommended tomake a reservation with the Windsurf center in advance, to make sure that your favorite board and sail isavailable.

Bring along as well plenty of sun blockers, maybe your personal wetsuit or rash guard, depending on the season. Keep in mind that the water temperature can drop to an uncomfortable 20 degrees in February andMarch, whereas you do not have to worry in the late summer months when the water warms to as much as29 degrees. If you do bring your equipment along, you can store it safely at the professional centers,subject to certain storage fees.

Professional centers will offer the latest gear, suitable for beginners up to advanced windsurfers. Board sand sails come in different sizes, depending on your experience level and wind strength and you might find brands like North, Neilpryde, and Fanatic.

Windsurfing Conditions

Windsurfing is possible in winds from 8 to 10 knots, about 3 Bft, to a maximum of 20 / 27 knots, or 6 to 7
Bft, depending on the size of the sail you choose and your level of experience and skills. For beginners slight
wind breeze could make a lesson, The wind direction from cross-shore is considered to be the best, and the
coasts of Egypt have plenty of it, especially in the summer months! If you ride with offshore winds – this
means the wind comes from the land – make sure to stay close to the coast, or that there is a rescue boat
patrolling; otherwise you might have a hard time coming back!

Like with many other water sports activities, beginners will prefer shallow lagoons with a sandy bottom,
sheltered from the waves and with no obstacles such as rocks and stones in the water, you might be taken
to appropriate lagoons or deserted bays not far from the centre.

If you are a beginner, you do not need to bring anything, the centre will provide you with all you need. A
good idea, however, is bring along booties, a lycra shirt and some shorts in the summer are fine (from
April to November), or full long sleeve surf suit for the colder months. Always bring plenty of sunscreen.

Windsurfing Courses in the Red Sea

Training courses comprise the fundamentals of theory, practise and safety on the water. Beginner courses usually include the training material (board, rig, accessories); a complete beginner course can take around 8 hours (for instance with the international association VDWS which is widespread in Egypt) and achieve an international surfer license. Advanced students who wish to get to the next level, can enrol in courses of an average of 4 hours, on request, it is possible to have group courses. Private lessons are available for instance if you wish to learn a special loop or master some spectacular jump. There are also specialized courses for slalom and free riding, power jibes and many other specialties. The material has to be rented, however, for advanced courses or private coaching. Even children starting from 8 years can start with discovery programmes and even full courses. And since the Red Sea is just a fantastic place, offering numerous options to discover its wonders, why do you want to stick to only one sports activity? With some combined programmes, it is possible to mix windsurfing with kitesurfing or scuba diving. If you pick up a day or so of no or only light wind, no other place than the Red Sea can offer you great alternative activities such as snorkelling or diving!

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