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Required rules and regulations to get CDWS services

Environmental Briefing Guidelines

October 2020
Environmental briefing guidelines for diving, snorkeling, and boat activities.

Beach and dive clean-up guidelines

October 2020
The Chamber of Diving and Water Sports encourages helping to protect our coastal and marine environment by organizing beach and dive clean-ups. You can also help by filling out the Ocean Trash Collection Form.  We recommend you apply the best practice guidelines during all clean-ups. The environmental department at the CDWS will help with the organization of larger clean-ups. You can share your pictures & data directly to [email protected], we promote your efforts.  

Single-use plastic guidelines for diving centers

October 2020
Simple and easy tips on how to remove single-use plastic from your center available in English and Arabic. 

Single-use plastic ban guidelines for boats

October 2020
These guidelines explain which single-use plastic or styrofoam items should be banned from boats & replaced with the suggested alternatives, the guidelines are available in English and Arabic.