Follow-up on announcement #55 of 2022

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Follow-up on announcement #55 of 2022

Follow-up on announcement #55 of 2022

15 November 2023

Dear CDWS members, 
The CDWS regrets to inform you that the SS Thistlegorm has suffered damage due to irresponsible practices. Some parts of the wreck have been damaged and others are at the risk of breaking off the hull entirely. 

Following the recent news of the damage to the Dunraven wreck,

The recent damage to the SS Thistlegorm and the Dunraven has raised concerns about the sustainability of these underwater cultural heritage sites, which are considered invaluable. 

Protecting and preserving these wrecks is a shared responsibility, as they represent both significant economic and cultural value, needless to mention these wrecks are classified as among the most important and most visited diving sites around the world.

We urge all members and divers to collaborate in preserving these sites by avoiding any irresponsible practices that could cause further damage. Adhere to attaching the ropes only where permitted and avoid mooring to weak or unstable structures. 

Additionally, please adhere to the following guidelines when visiting the SS Thistlegorm: 
The Chamber of Diving and Water Sports