Dahab clean-up

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Dahab clean-up

Dahab clean-up

23 May 2010

CDWS member centres organised a series underwater and beach clean-ups throughout Dahab in May to mark the launch of an environmental campaign against dropping litter. The week-long event also saw a team of freedivers from Italy, led by record-breaking diver Gianluca Genoni, collecting many discarded plastic bottles and other items of rubbish around the world famous Blue Hole dive site.

The freedivers, sponsored by dive manufacturer Mares, were supported by members of CDWS and the National Parks of South Sinai in the Blue Hole clean-up. Signs donated by Beyond Limits, a Red Sea based Mares distributor, were also placed around the Blue Hole. Aimed at raising awareness, the signs – translated into languages such as English, Russian, French, German and Italian - instruct visitors not to leave any rubbish at the site and to dispose of any items responsibly.

With the support of CDWS and National Parks of South Sinai, volunteers from dive centres elsewhere collected many tonnes of rubbish in and around dive sites covering the length of Dahab. Member centres who participated in clean-up between 8 and 16 May included Orca Dive Club, Sinai Divers, Nesima Resort, Poseidon Divers, Extra Divers and Reef 2000.

A spokesperson from CDWS said: ‘It was noted that workes and staff from coffee shops situated around the Blue Hole site also took part voluntarily in the beach clean-up, which indicates the success of the awareness part of the campaign. We would like to also thank the Dahab officials who supported the event.’

Speaking at the clean-up day at the Blue Hole, Gianluca Genoni, said: ‘We came last year in May for a photo-shoot and saw all this garbage around. We love this place very much, so we decided to ask Mares, our sponsors, to join and support a clean-up here for the beginning of this season of training.’

Genoni has set many freediving world records and currently holds the world record for static apnea with a staggering 18 minutes 3 seconds.

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