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The following members are operating in accordance with the EN 14467 / ISO 24803 for recreational diving providers and ISO 13289 for the conduct of snorkeling excursions, as per the CDWS and European Underwater Federation's standards.


Diving Around # 100071

Head Office -Helal

Mobile: +201558711846


Welcome to the website of the international diving center "SADCO" in Hurghada. Our center, officially licensed by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism, as well as meeting the EN 14467 / ISO 24803 standards, specializes in the provision of diving services.

In our center, both training in all stages of recreational diving is carried out, as well as the organization of diving in the mode of day diving and safari.

wifiAll our instructors are high-level professionals, thanks to whom we can be proud of the level of services provided. Studying or diving with us, you will never find yourself on overcrowded bots, with faulty equipment or guides whose qualifications you can only guess. With us, dives are carried out with our equipment, on our ships and with our quality. Free WiFi on board all our dive boats will not leave you without internet and at sea

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