COVID-19 certified operations

List of certified operations/ facilities for following the COVID-19 precautionary measures

COVID-19 certified operations

Dear CDWS members,

In coordination with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and the Chamber of Diving and Water Sports, we are announcing the resumption of the diving and water sports activities for the members who hold a valid license and safety certificate that follows the COVID-19 precautions and preventive measures approved by the Council of Ministers.

Click here to read the COVID-19 regulations for safety precautions that have to be applied before resuming the business:

The CDWS is facilitating the following guideline for COVID-19 precaution and prevention measures that include detailed recommended instructions on the correct safety precautions application methods: 

Applications should be submitted as follows

- For the members who hold a valid license and have applied the above-mentioned precautionary measures, you can send your request by e-mail to ([email protected]) for South Sinai and to ([email protected]) for the Red Sea. Accordingly, you will get notified when your inspection is scheduled. After completing the inspection successfully, your establishment will be provided with a safety certificate from the Ministry of Tourism, that allows you to resume your business. 

- In case your license is expired, please apply for renewal by e-mail to ([email protected]) for South Sinai and to ([email protected]) for the Red Sea, attaching the required documents of the first stage of the CDWS protocol for diving, water sports centers, and safari boats. You will get notified when your inspection is scheduled. In case your establishment meets the technical standards and the above-mentioned precautionary measures, you will be provided with a safety certificate from the Ministry of Tourism.

Please note that the attached COVID-19 Safety Guidelines Posters for dive, water sports centers, and boats will be handed during the inspection, the instructions in the poster are in English and Arabic languages. 

All facilities must ensure that the customers sign the health declaration form before performing any activity.

Below is a list of the certified centers till the moment that gets regularly updated as centers apply and pass the certification process: 


#Operation/ FacilityCategoryAddressCityDate of certification
001Diving & DiscoveryDivingALFANAR AREA HADABASharm El Sheikh2020-06-28
002King Snefro 6SafariNew Marina - Sharm ElSheikhSharm El Sheikh2020-06-28
003Snefro TargetSafariNew Marina - Sharm ElSheikhSharm El Sheikh2020-06-28
004Snefro LoveSafariNew Marina - Sharm ElSheikhSharm El Sheikh2020-06-28
005Sinai BluesWater SportsFOUR SEASONS RESORT SHARM EL SHEIKHSharm El Sheikh2020-06-28
006Sinai BluesDivingFOUR SEASONS CAIRO HOTELSharm El Sheikh2020-06-28
007Princess AsmaaSafariPort GhalibMarsa Alam2020-06-29
008Ilios Dive ClubDivingSteigenberger Al Dau BeachHurghada2020-06-29
009United DiversDivingDolphen Beach HotelSafaga2020-06-29
010Diving StarDivingAbu Ramada St,-in front of Shdwan HotelHurghada2020-06-29
011Crazy Dolphin For Water SportsDivingBurmerit Hotel (Sunny Days Palacio)Hurghada2020-06-29
012Ramadan Safaga 3SafariFoully Marine SafagaSafaga2020-06-29
013EliteSafariPort GhalibMarsa Alam2020-06-29
014superiorSafariPort GhalibMarsa Alam2020-06-29
015Ilios Aqua CenterWater SportsStigenbergerHurghada2020-06-29
016Emperor Echo 1SafariPort GhalibMarsa Alam2020-06-29
017Divers LodgeDivingHurghada Hilton ResortHurghada2020-06-29
018Sharm Scuba ServiceDivingTivoli HotelSharm El Sheikh2020-06-29
019DoniaSafariTravco MarineSharm El Sheikh2020-06-29
020Blue Sea Dive ClubDivingORIENTAL REFOLISharm El Sheikh2020-06-30
021Blue Ocean Dive ClubDivingSheikh Ali Hotel - New Mashraba Street - Dahab - South SinaiDahab2020-06-30
022Bubbles Team For Diving CentersDivingMr Dahab - DahabDahab2020-06-30
023Egypt Sun MarineWater SportsTravco MarineSharm El Sheikh2020-07-01
024Sea DancerDivingElasela - DahabDahab2020-07-01
025Dahab Divers Lodge ToursDivingEl Masbat - DahabDahab2020-07-01
026Scuba SeekersDivingCrazy House Camp - Masbat - Dahab - South SinaiDahab2020-07-01
027Orca For Dive CentersDivingAlmasbat - DahabDahab2020-07-01
028Red Sea RelaxDivingMasbat Beach, DahabDahab2020-07-01
029Red Sea TribeDivingLight House Camp - DahabDahab2020-07-01
030Fantasea DiversDivingCoral Cost Hotel - DahabDahab2020-07-01
031Dahab DiversDivingLIGHT HOUSE HOTELDahab2020-07-01
032Marselia StarSafariNew MarinaHurghada2020-07-01
033Blue SeasSafariMarriott MarineHurghada2020-07-01
034Blue PearlSafariMarriott MarineHurghada2020-07-01
035BlueSafariMarriott MarineHurghada2020-07-01
036Aqua Center Mahmya BeachWater SportsTouristic Center - Sheraton Rd. - Beside Safir HotelHurghada2020-07-01
037Mahmya For Marine ActivitiesWater SportsGiftun IslandHurghada2020-07-01
038Geli & Ute Diving Center HurghadaDivingle pacha resort- Hurghada- Red SeaHurghada2020-07-01
039Heaven RobinSafariSports Club MarinaHurghada2020-07-01
040VIP MarsliaSafariNew MarinaHurghada2020-07-01
041HeroSafari Hurghada2020-07-02
042BarakudaDivingGiftun ResoertHurghada2020-07-02
043Blue Water Dive ResortDivingArabia ResortHurghada2020-07-02
044VoyagerSafari Marsa Alam2020-07-02
045Aml HayatySafariNew MarinaHurghada2020-07-02
046Funny DiversDivingFront Of Empier - DaharHurghada2020-07-02
047Aquarium Red Sea HurghadaDivingLa Perla Hotel- HurghadaHurghada2020-07-02
048Top MarineWater SportsREGINA RESORT- HURGHADAHurghada2020-07-02
049El Tasnem Aqua SportWater SportsSTELLA SHARM HOTELSharm El Sheikh2020-07-02
050Diving VisionDivingTROPITEL NAAMA BAY HOTELSharm El Sheikh2020-07-02
051El Tasnem Aqua SportWater SportsTROPITEL NAAMA BAY HOTELSharm El Sheikh2020-07-02
052Carnival Group Luna RossaWater SportsSONESTA BEACH RESORT SHARM EL SHEIKHSharm El Sheikh2020-07-02
053Seven HeavenDivingSeven Heaven Hotel - DahabDahab2020-07-02
054Sun SplashDivingMashraba - DahabDahab2020-07-02
055Mirage Divers and water sportDivingMirage - Masbat - DahabDahab2020-07-02
056Penguin DiversDivingPenguin Village- Mashraba-DahabDahab2020-07-02
057Aqua DiversDivingDyarna Dahab Hotel -DahabDahab2020-07-02
058Big Blue DahabDivingEl Mashraba - DahabDahab2020-07-02
059Bedouin DiversDivingBedouin Moon Hotel, Mashraba, DahabDahab2020-07-02
060Gold Stars For DivingDivingRoyal El Batros Moderna - Sharm ElsheikhSharm El Sheikh2020-07-03
061SharmmaniaWater SportsGrand Rotana HotelSharm El Sheikh2020-07-03
062SharmmaniaWater SportsHilton Sharks Bay HotelSharm El Sheikh2020-07-03
063Scuba Dreamer EgyptDivingCORAL HILLS RESORTSharm El Sheikh2020-07-03
064Egypt DiversWater SportsCoral Beach - HurghadaHurghada2020-07-03
065El Gouna Water Sports Complex LTDWater SportsSabina Aria - GounaHurghada2020-07-03
066Vesper GroupWater SportsNew Hawaii 2 - HurghadaHurghada2020-07-03
067Fun &FlyWater SportsGouna FZR11 - ElgounaHurghada2020-07-03
068Soma Bay For Water SportWater SportsSoma Bay HotelHurghada2020-07-03
069Titos Water SportsWater SportsPrima Life HotelHurghada2020-07-03
070Happy DolphineWater SportsNubia ResortHurghada2020-07-03
071Kite Power El GounaWater SportsElGouna North- FZR14 - HurghadaHurghada2020-07-03
072I DiveDivingFourt Arabisc Vil.Hurghada2020-07-03
073Aquatic WorldDivingTABA RESORTTaba2020-07-03
074Pro Master Red SeaDivingSeagull HotelHurghada2020-07-04
075Star JetSafariSports Club Marina - HurghadaHurghada2020-07-04
076Quick ShadowSafari37st,72 Marsa AlamHurghada2020-07-04
077Independence 2Safari37st,72 Marsa AlamHurghada2020-07-04
078Deep Dream For DivingDivingMina Mark Hotel.Hurghada2020-07-04
079Morning Star International 1Water SportsMina Mark Hotel - HurghadaHurghada2020-07-04
080Morning Star International 2Water SportsNew Hawai Hotel - HurghadaHurghada2020-07-04
081Red Sea Diving SafariDivingShagara VillageMarsa Alam2020-07-04
082Euro DiversDivingUtopia Beach ClubQusier2020-07-04
083Extra Divers World WideDivingMövenpick Resort El QuseirQusier2020-07-04
084Sea WorldDivingNovitel Hotel - Marsa AlamMarsa Alam2020-07-04
085Sea WorldDivingThree Corner Beach ResortMarsa Alam2020-07-04
086Ducks Dive Center-MangroveDivingK 30 south El Quseir -Mangrove Vil.- El Quseir- Red SeaQusier2020-07-04
087Coraya DiversDivingCoraya Beach HotelMarsa Alam2020-07-04
088Circle DiversDivingBADAWIA BEACH HOTELSharm El Sheikh2020-07-04
089Cinderella El Dawley For Diving CentersDivingAmphoras Hotel - Sharm El ShiekhSharm El Sheikh2020-07-04
090Pleasure Diving CentreDivingSharm Cliff Resort - Sharm El SheikhSharm El Sheikh2020-07-04
091Reef Oasis Dive ClubDivingREEF OASIS BLU BAY RESORT& SPASharm El Sheikh2020-07-04
092VIP Diving CollegaDivingCleopatra Luxury Resort- Sharm El SheikhSharm El Sheikh2020-07-04
093Sea Worled Dive ClubDivingLaguna Vista Hotel - Sharm El SheikhSharm El Sheikh2020-07-04
0944 Waves TradingWater SportsSea Beach - Nabq - SharmShaikhSharm El Sheikh2020-07-04
095Blue Planet DivingDivingTirana HotelSharm El Sheikh2020-07-04
096Al ShamsDivingCamp Venus - Mashraba - Dahab - South SinaiDahab2020-07-04
097Desert DiversDivingDahab Vacation Hotel - Al Malil Street - Dahab - South SinaiDahab2020-07-04
098VetratoriaWater SportsSWISS IN DAHABDahab2020-07-04
099Wonder LandWater SportsDAHAB RESORT HOTELDahab2020-07-04
100Divers HouseDivingMashraba - DahabDahab2020-07-04
101Octopus WorldDivingOctopus World CampDahab2020-07-04
102Five Circles 2100Water SportsGANET SINAI HOTELDahab2020-07-04
103Extra DiversDivingSWISS IN DAHABDahab2020-07-04
104Fanatic Board CenterWater SportsSafir Dahab ResortDahab2020-07-04
105Club Red SeaDivingMohamed Aly CampDahab2020-07-04
106Light HouseDivingAlmasbat - DahabDahab2020-07-04
107Dahab StarsWater SportsGANET SINAI HOTELDahab2020-07-04
108H2O DiversDivingELMasbat Beach,DahabDahab2020-07-04
109Ducks Diving SuperiorDivingOriental Bay -Gabal El RosasMarsa Alam2020-07-05
110Wadi Lahami DiversDivingBaranis area - Wadi Lahmi Vil.Marsa Alam2020-07-05
111Sea FriendSafariGolden Dolphin Co.Tabia Hotl.Hurghada2020-07-05
112Al DabaranSafariSchool St, Hadaba- HurghadaHurghada2020-07-05
113Freedom And DiversDivingTobia HotelSafaga2020-07-05
1143 TurtlesDiving2 El Shabab st, beside city councilSafaga2020-07-05
115Red Sea Club (Moon Beach)Water SportsMOON BEACH RESORTRas Sedr2020-07-05
116Soul KiteboardingWater SportsLa Hacienda Hotel - K 89 El alnafaq El Tur Road -Ras SudrRas Sedr2020-07-05
117Blue PointeWater SportsJasmina Beach Ras Sidr, Al Tour - Ras Sedr, Ras Sidr, EgyptRas Sedr2020-07-05
118Kite BuzzWater SportsPARADISE HOTELRas Sedr2020-07-05
119Surf HubWater SportsDaghash land -Ras Sedr2020-07-05
120Fly Water SportWater SportsCREATIVE GREEN SUDR HOTELRas Sedr2020-07-05
121Dahab Days Diving CenterDivingLagoon Dahab Hotel - Dahab - South SinaiDahab2020-07-05
122Sea DancerDivingMeridian Hotel - DahabDahab2020-07-05
123Wind ZoneWater SportsCanyon HotelDahab2020-07-05
125NesimaDivingMashraba- DahabDahab2020-07-05
126Fish and FriendsDivingMasbat Beach DahabDahab2020-07-05
127Windsurf School Red SeaWater SportsKeriazi Abu SomaSafaga2020-07-05
128South MoonSafariTravco MarineSharm El Sheikh2020-07-06
129Brina 1SafariTravco MarineSharm El Sheikh2020-07-06
130Cali InternationalDivingCali building , Rouweisat, Sharm El SheikhSharm El Sheikh2020-07-06
131RossittaSafariMarine MovenpickHurghada2020-07-06
132AndromedaSafariSindbad MarineHurghada2020-07-06
133Barakuda Lahmy BayDivingBarakuda Lahmy BayMarsa Alam2020-07-06
134Sun and fun for touristic ServicesWater SportsHilton Faiuroz Hotel- NaamaSharm El Sheikh2020-07-07
135Sun and fun for touristic ServicesWater SportsNOVOTEL SHARM EL SHEIKH BEACH & PALMSharm El Sheikh2020-07-07
136Sea HorseWater SportsSharks Bay Beach - SharmElsheikhSharm El Sheikh2020-07-07
137Extra Divers World WideDivingPort Ghalib ResortMarsa Alam2020-07-07
138wonderful Dive 2DivingRohanou Beach Resort- 10 km South of El quseirQusier2020-07-07
139NautileSafariMarriott MarineHurghada2020-07-07
140Under sea Adventures Red seaDivingDesert Rose HotelHurghada2020-07-07
141Al Atef For Water Sports & Wind SurfWater SportsDesert Rose HotelHurghada2020-07-07
142Aqua Fun SharmDivingLido Sharm Hotel - Sharm El SheikhSharm El Sheikh2020-07-08
143Bobos For Water Sports ManagementWater SportsAl Bostan HotelSharm El Sheikh2020-07-08
144Bobos For Water Sports ManagementWater SportsConcord Elsalam HotelsSharm El Sheikh2020-07-08
145Aqua Nabq DivingDivingOriental Resort, Nabq, SharmSharm El Sheikh2020-07-08
146NawalSafariTravco MarineSharm El Sheikh2020-07-08
147Snorkeling LodgeWater SportsTravco MarineSharm El Sheikh2020-07-08
148Dolphin Red SeaDivingEDEN ROCK HOTELSharm El Sheikh2020-07-08
149Manta Divers SharmDivingREGENCY HOTELSharm El Sheikh2020-07-08
150My Ocean WindowSafariNew MarinaHurghada2020-07-08
151Red Sea ExplorerSafariNew MarinaHurghada2020-07-08
152Golden DolphinDivingShell Ghada BeachHurghada2020-07-08
153Sea LegendSafari Hurghada2020-07-08
154Sea SoundSafariNew MarinaHurghada2020-07-08
155AtlantisSafariNew MarinaHurghada2020-07-08
156Scuba SceneSafariNew MarinaHurghada2020-07-08
157Subex Red SeaDivingDahar-beside General HospitalHurghada2020-07-09
158MistralSafariNew MarinaHurghada2020-07-09
159Sea CrazyWater SportsSeagull Beach Resort - HurghadaHurghada2020-07-09
160SundlexDivingSun Rise Holidays hotel.Hurghada2020-07-10
161Seawolf SoulSafariorange beachHurghada2020-07-10
162Sea Wolf FeloSafariorange beachHurghada2020-07-10
163Sea Wolf DominatorSafariorange beachHurghada2020-07-10
164Dive MoreDivingSunny Beach - 3 corners - el ahyaaHurghada2020-07-10
165Urlaub Ohne StressWater SportsMagic BeachHurghada2020-07-10
166Ibi And FriendsWater SportsRed Sea Hours V14 Al Ahiaa- k14Hurghada2020-07-10
167Grand Sea SerpentSafariHurghada New Marina B6/101Hurghada2020-07-10
168Contessa MiaSafariHurghada New Marina B6/101Hurghada2020-07-10
169Sea SerpentSafariHurghada New Marina B6/101Hurghada2020-07-10
170Light House Miracle1SafariNew MarinaHurghada2020-07-11
171DelfinausflugWater Sportssportsmarine clubHurghada2020-07-11
172RedSea 1Safarisheraton marinaMarsa Alam2020-07-11
173Star 4Safarinew marinaHurghada2020-07-11
174Ice BergSafariNew MarinaHurghada2020-07-11
175Egypt InternationalDivingJaz Aqua MarinHurghada2020-07-11
176Extra FunWater SportsSerenity Hotl. - MakadiHurghada2020-07-11
177Crazy Waves StarDivingTropitel Resort -Sahl Hasheesh-MakadiHurghada2020-07-11
178Dive Pro AcademyDivingOberoy Sahl Hashish HotelHurghada2020-07-11
179Princess LilaSafarisahl HashishHurghada2020-07-11
180GalaxySafariold SheratonHurghada2020-07-11
181Aqua Rium Red SeaDivingCORAL HILLS RESORTSharm El Sheikh2020-07-09
182Eagle DiversDivingNEAMA BLUE HOTELSharm El Sheikh2020-07-09
183Fun DayWater SportsTURQUAISE HOTELSharm El Sheikh2020-07-09
184Ocean DreamSafariTravco MarineSharm El Sheikh2020-07-09
185El Tawil 2SafariTravco MarineSharm El Sheikh2020-07-09
186Blue Force 2SafariTravco MarineSharm El Sheikh2020-07-09
187Tamarindo Beach Club International(Sinai Dive Club)DivingHILTON SHARKS BAY RESORTSharm El Sheikh2020-07-09
188Coral Diving ClubDivingJAZ BELVEDERE RESORT-Sharm El ShiekhSharm El Sheikh2020-07-09
189Super EyesWater SportsSHARM ElSHEIKH SPORTING CLUBSharm El Sheikh2020-07-09
190New united Submarine for operating Marine BoatsWater SportsSHARM ElSHEIKH SPORTING CLUBSharm El Sheikh2020-07-09
191MHM Marine ServicesDivingKing Snefro - Faraana Reef Resorts - Sharm El SheikhSharm El Sheikh2020-07-11
192Red Sea For Tourism Activities & Diving (Dive In)DivingRenaissance Golden View Beach Resort, Sharm El SheikhSharm El Sheikh2020-07-11
193Sindbad GroupWater SportsMexican Sharm Resort-ٍSharm El SheikhSharm El Sheikh2020-07-11
194Shamandura Dive ClubDivingSharm Club HotelSharm El Sheikh2020-07-11
195Circle DiversDivingPanda Resort - DahabDahab2020-07-04
196Ni MarSafarisheraton marinaHurghada2020-07-12
197Dolce VitaSafarinew marinaHurghada2020-07-12
198Tornado Surf CenterWater SportsGana Safaga HotelSafaga2020-07-12
199Ghany DuneSafariMarina AluminiumSafaga2020-07-12
200DuneDivingMarina AluminiumSafaga2020-07-12
201ABC Dream diversDivingEl Okby Vil.- Sea st.Safaga2020-07-12
202Planet DiversDivingPlanet Oasis hotel, DahabDahab2020-07-02
203Scorpion For Touristic Trips &Water SportsWater SportsMovenpick Sharm Elsheikh Naama BaySharm El Sheikh2020-07-12
204Red Sea StarWater SportsGafy Resort - Sharm El SheikhSharm El Sheikh2020-07-02
205Bobos For Water Sports ManagementWater SportsBaron Hotel - Sharm el-Sheikh - South SinaiSharm El Sheikh2020-07-13
206Subex Red SeaDivingMaritim Jolie Ville Naama - SharmSharm El Sheikh2020-07-13
207Golden DolphinSafariMahmyaa marinaHurghada2020-07-13
208Golden Dolphin 2SafariMahmyaa marinaHurghada2020-07-13
209Golden Dolphin 3SafariMahmyaa marinaHurghada2020-07-13
210SADKODivingvilla 45 -in front of Aqua Fun-Hadaba -Hurghada2020-07-13
211Vita 2SafariMarriott MarineHurghada2020-07-13
212Aquarius Diving ClubDivingMarriott ResortHurghada2020-07-13
213Morning Star 5Water SportsDesert Rose Hotel - HurghadaHurghada2020-07-13
214Morning Star 3Water SportsLong Beach HotelHurghada2020-07-13
215Water Sports Marketing(Element)Water SportsNorth El Gouna - Hurghada "Hurghada2020-07-10
216Sharm WaveDivingContinental plaza Beach Hotel - Sharm El SheikhSharm El Sheikh2020-07-14
217Dive LifeDivingROYAL NAAMA BAY RESORTSharm El Sheikh2020-07-14
218Divers LandDivingNeama Inn - Sharm El SheikhSharm El Sheikh2020-07-14
219Wave For Touristic ActivitiesDivingEl Khima Village - Sharm El SheikhSharm El Sheikh2020-07-14
220Aqua Fun DahabDivingRokita Hotel - DahabDahab2020-07-15
221InmoDivingINMO HOTELDahab2020-07-15
222Dahab for water sports centerWater SportsNOVOTEL CORALIA DAHAB RESORTDahab2020-07-15
223Al Octopus DiversDivingDEEP BLUE HOTELDahab2020-07-15
224Deep Blue DiversDivingAlmasbat, DahabDahab2020-07-15
225Fun By CDivingHAPPY LIFE VILLAGEDahab2020-07-15
226Fun By CDivingTROPITEL DAHAB OASIS RESORTDahab2020-07-15
227Aquatic WorldDivingMovenpick Resort TabaTaba2020-07-16
228Red Sea Water World TabaWater SportsTABA HEIGHTS HOTELTaba2020-07-16
229Red Sea Water World TabaDivingTaba Heights HotelTaba2020-07-16
230Paradise Kite SurfWater SportsEl Khaiaam BeachHurghada2020-07-14
231Cave DiversDivingEurotel Palm BeachHurghada2020-07-14
232Play KiteWater SportsRoyal BeachHurghada2020-07-14
233Dive TrekDivingSultan Bay Hotel GounaHurghada2020-07-14
234Coral Tours El Gounawater SportsZitouna Beach- ElgounaHurghada2020-07-14
235Star JetSafariSports Club Marina - HurghadaHurghada2020-07-14
236J&B MarineSafariSports Club Marina - HurghadaHurghada2020-07-14
237El Basha Sea TripsWater SportsAnemon BeachHurghada2020-07-14
238FrogmanDivingLagouna Beach - Sheraton roadHurghada2020-07-14
240GehanSafariSports Club Marina - HurghadaHurghada2020-07-15
241El SamakaDivingEl Samaka ResortHurghada2020-07-15
242Coral DreamsSafariSports Club Marina - HurghadaHurghada2020-07-15
243Martina 1Safarisheraton marinaHurghada2020-07-15
244Delfin Schwimmen HurghadaWater SportsRoma HotelHurghada2020-07-15
245Bobos Hurghada For Marine Activities And SportsWater SportsContinental HotelHurghada2020-07-15
246Fun FlyWater SportsMercure HotelHurghada2020-07-15
247Dive more GroupDivingFarho AzorHurghada2020-07-15
248High SurfWater SportsHilton Long BeachHurghada2020-07-15
249Amelia Discoverysafariold sheratonHurghada2020-07-16
250Samira Discoverysafariold sheratonHurghada2020-07-16
251Sea King MarkosafariSports Club Marina - HurghadaHurghada2020-07-16
252Voodoo Divers InternationaldivingEkhnaton Bella Vista ResortHurghada2020-07-16
253O H TourswatersportsEl SamakaHurghada2020-07-16
254Jasmin Diving Sport CenterdivingGrand seas Hostmark ResortHurghada2020-07-16
255Bobos Hurghada For Marine Activities And SportswatersportsBlue Bay Beach fort arabesque -MakadyHurghada2020-07-17
256Diving Ocean New ProjectdivingPrima Life MakadiHurghada2020-07-17
257Master Divingdivingserentiy makadiHurghada2020-07-17
258Fun AquawatersportsHurghada Hilton ResortHurghada2020-07-17
259Blue Waves EgyptwatersportsSun RiseGarden BeachHurghada2020-07-17
260Blue Waves EgyptwatersportsSun Rise Royal MakadiHurghada2020-07-17
261SubexdivingRadisson Blue ResortHurghada2020-07-17
262wonderful DivedivingAkassia Swiss Resort 26 km south of El QusierHurghada2020-07-17
263Reef Oasis Dive ClubDivingREEF OASIS HOTEL- Al HadabaSharm El Sheikh2020-07-18
264Butter Flay sharmDivingMazar Resort & SpaSharm El Sheikh2020-07-18
265Red sea MarinDivingAMAR SINA VILLAGESharm El Sheikh2020-07-18
266Shark DiversDivingSUNRISE HOTELSharm El Sheikh2020-07-18
267Bella 1"SafariTravco MarineSharm El Sheikh2020-07-19
268Bella 2"SafariTravco MarineSharm El Sheikh2020-07-19
269Drakkar Diving SchoolDivingHilton Sharm Waterfalls ResortSharm El Sheikh2020-07-19
270Dolphin InternationalDivingNEW FANTAZIA HOTELSharm El Sheikh2020-07-20
271Desert RoseDivingStella Sharm HotelSharm El Sheikh2020-07-20
272Blue Planet StarDivingCoral Beach Tiran HotelSharm El Sheikh2020-07-20
273Scorpion Gardens Diving ClubDivingSULTAN GARDENS RESORTSharm El Sheikh2020-07-20
274El Sheikh CoastDivingCORAL BAY HOTELSharm El Sheikh2020-07-20
275Royal Pyramids Diving CenterDivingMaxim Garden ResortSharm El Sheikh2020-07-21
276Red Sea AdventureDivingCharmillion Club Aqua ParkSharm El Sheikh2020-07-21
277Pyramids Diving clubDivingRixos Hotel - Sharm El SheikhSharm El Sheikh2020-07-21
278Sea WorldWater SportsORIENTAL RESORTSharm El Sheikh2020-07-21
279Yolanda DiversDivingSharm Grand Plaza ResortSharm El Sheikh2020-07-21
280Pyramids For Diving CentersDivingShams SuitesSharm El Sheikh2020-07-21
281Emperor DiversDivingMarina Lodge- Port GhalibMarsa Alam2020-07-18
282Monkey Divers Diving CollegeDivingFenston K35Marsa Alam2020-07-18
283Sambo Diving CenterDivingMarina View Hotel - Port GhalibEl Quseir2020-07-18
284Blue OceanDivingHilton Marsa Alam Nubian Hotel-Marasa AlamMarsa Alam2020-07-18
285Sambo Sea Trip S S TWaterSportsEl Fanadir Beach - El QuseirEl Quseir2020-07-18
286Sea LightSafariSindbad MarineHurghada2020-07-18
287Soma BayDivingAbu Soma GulfHurghada2020-07-19
288Kite Center For Water SportsWaterSportsAbu Soma Peninsula - SafagaSafaga2020-07-19
289Pro Divers CornerSafariSahl HashishHurghada2020-07-19
290Point BreakWaterSportsKeriazi Soma Bay HotelSafaga2020-07-19
291Orca Dive Club SafagaDivingConcorde Moreen Beach Resort&spaMarsa Alam2020-07-19
292Orca Dive Club TulipDivingTulip resortMarsa Alam2020-07-19
293Tulip Life Kite CenterWaterSportsRoyal Tulip Beach ResortMarsa Alam2020-07-19
294Marsa Adventure DiversDivingDivers LodgMarsa Alam2020-07-19
262Orca Dive Club Royal Tulip Beach ResortDivingRoyal Tulip Beach ResortMarsa Alam2020-07-19
263AmelieSafarishiraton MarineHurghada2020-07-20
264Blue ParadiseDivingBlue ParadiseHurghada2020-07-20
265Sea DragonSafariSports Club MarinaHurghada2020-07-20
266OdysseySafariNew MarinaHurghada2020-07-20
267Seven seasSafarishiraton MarineHurghada2020-07-20
268Blue Sub MarineDivingKahramana ResortMarsa Alam2020-07-20
269Blue Sub MarineDivingGemma Hotl.Marsa Alam2020-07-20
270Orca Dive ClubDivingMarina Banias hotel.- HamataMarsa Alam2020-07-20
271Coraya DiversDivingBrayka Bay Marsa AlamMarsa Alam2020-07-21
272Boarder Style In CorporatedWaterSportsEquinox Beach ResortMarsa Alam2020-07-21
273Extra Divers World WideDivingThree Corner Equinox Beach ResortMarsa Alam2020-07-21
274Sasa CraftWaterSportsU No1 Time ShareMarriott HotlHurghada2020-07-21
275Duotone Pro Center El GounaWaterSportsCasa Cook - El GounaHurghada2020-07-21
276K.B.C WorldWaterSportsMangarofy - F/05ZR - El GOUNAHurghada2020-07-21
277Blue Brothers Diving Emperor DiversDivingOcean View HotelHurghada2020-07-21
278Red Sea Zone Water Sports AcademyWaterSportsMangrove Beach - El GounaHurghada2020-07-21
279Tornado Marine FleetWaterSportsNew MarinaHurghada2020-07-21
280Diving World Red SeaDivingAida,Hadaba , Sharm El shiekhSharm El Sheikh2020-07-22
281Divers UnitedDivingUNI SHARM HOTELSharm El Sheikh2020-07-22
282Pyramids For Diving CentersDivingIBEROTEL CLUB FANARASharm El Sheikh2020-07-22
283AquaMarine Sharm Diving CenterDivingMexicana hotelSharm El Sheikh2020-07-23
284Red sea stars 4DivingVIVA SHARM HOTELSharm El Sheikh2020-07-23
285International Diving CollegeDivingOld Vic ResortSharm El Sheikh2020-07-23
286Aqua FunDivingHILTON SHARM WATERFALLS RESORTSharm El Sheikh2020-07-23
287International Diving TravelDivingTURQUAISE HOTELSharm El Sheikh2020-07-23
288Meduse for managing and owning diving clubs and water sportsWaterSportsXperience St. GeorgeSharm El Sheikh2020-07-23
289Aeolus"SafariJetty MarineDahab2020-07-23
290Carlton Queen"SafariTravco MarineSharm El Sheikh2020-07-23
291Blue HoleWaterSportsMena Ville hotelsafaga2020-07-22
292C Forum Mena DiveDivingMena Ville Hotelsafaga2020-07-22
293Orca Dive Club SafagaDivingCoral Garden Vil. Km 22 southsafaga2020-07-22
294Orca Dive Club SafagaDivingSun Beach Vil.Marsa Alam2020-07-22
262Hawa Kite and Surf StationWaterSportsHawa Kite and Surf Stationsafaga2020-07-22
263NemoDivingNemo Hotel.safaga2020-07-22
264Planet StarSafariSheraton MarineHurghada2020-07-22
265SimSim DiveSafariSimSim Divesafaga2020-07-22
266Cave DiversDivingCaribian soma bayHurghada2020-07-23
267Extra Divers world wideDivingCleopatra Luxury Resort-Makadisafaga2020-07-23
268Sub EgyptDivingBaron Palace -Sahl HasheshHurghada2020-07-23
269Fun Fly Diving Center EgyptDivingMercure HotelHurghada2020-07-23
270Eyros 1SafariMarriott MarineHurghada2020-07-23
271White DolphinDivingSouth Hadaba - next to the Hotel La Perla Villa 5Hurghada2020-07-23
272Red Sea QualityDivingDavinchi HotelHurghada2020-07-23
273Extra Divers World WideDivingEl Ahlam Hotel - Sharm EL NagaHurghada2020-07-25
274All SportsWaterSportsCaribbean World-Soma bayHurghada2020-07-25