Membership for water sports (kite & windsurf)

Visit request for existing water sports centers that offer kite and windsurf activities

Membership for water sports (kite & windsurf)

Procedures for issuing a visit request for existing water sports centers that offer kite and windsurf activities
The applicant should send the documents listed below in a One PDF file via email to: [email protected] for South Sinai and Cairo, and mail to: [email protected] for the Red Sea governorate and Alexandria or via WhatsApp on the number  (+201223250555) for the South Sinai and Cairo or on (+201277911288) for the Red Sea and Alexandria, considering completing all the following documents:

A visit request (regular or urgent) via email or WhatsApp message
The attached visit request after completing its details, signing it, stamping it with the establishment stamp, and resending it
A copy of the latest renewed license of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities 
The recent commercial registration (less than one year)
A copy of the CDWS card of the technical manager, if the manager was not replaced

In case of replacing the technical manager: 
The company must accredit/employ the responsible technical manager and send the required documents, as follows:
1- a valid CDWS card (he must pass the test and his profile on the CDWS portal must be activated).
2- Copy of the education certificate (at least high school certificate)

The Documents will be reviewed, and a reply will be sent within a maximum of two working days, in the case of completing the documents correctly and the visit fees is paid, it will be communicated with the technical manager to determine the date of the visit.
If the visit is successfully passed, the technical manager will be notified by e-mail and the applicant should pay the value of the renewal.

The CDWS will send the membership letter to the Ministry of Tourism directly.

For Membership letters for water sports centers offering kite and windsurfing activities please visit the attached link.