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Scuba diving in Safaga is performed with comfortable diving boats doing daily or half-day trips. The bay of Safaga has an outstanding selection of lovely dive sites for beginners and easy-going divers. The large bay and Safaga Island create an environment generally protected from strong currents and wind, which makes the sites ideal also for non-diving companions willing to spend a day on a boat, swimming and snorkeling in the top Red Sea waters. Offshore, we find the more challenging sites, with a wealth of pelagic species.

Here are only some of the most famous dive sites in Safaga:
Abu Qifan: legendary for hammerhead sightings in late spring and manta rays in wintertime. This 300-meter long and narrow reef offers a plateau in both north and south tips.
Panorama Reef: one of the largest reefs in Safaga, featuring numerous grottos and overhangs, where gorgonians and soft corals thrive with the frequent nurturing currents. Due to the size of the barrier, there are at least three different dives to be done here: the south plateau and the east and the west drop-offs
Tobia Arbaa: Named the "seven pillars" after the small pinnacles rising from a sandy bottom. One of the best dives in Safaga, despite the shallow bottom, sometimes cause of not perfect visibility. Soft corals cover all the seven ergs, glassfish, gorgonians, giant pufferfish, octopus, blue spotted rays, morays, lionfish, sergeant majors, nudibranchs, etc. Easy dive and great for snorkellers.

Safaga dive sites
Dive site GPS Find on map
Ras Abu Soma 26° 50' 39 ''N ,34° 0' 16 ''E
Abu Soma Garden 26° 50' 26 ''N ,34° 0' 5 ''E
Tobia Arbaa 26° 50' 12 ''N ,33° 59' 29 ''E
Tobia Island 26° 48' 53 ''N ,33° 58' 44 ''E
Tobia Kebir 26° 48' 30 ''N ,33° 59' 44 ''E
Tobia Soraya 26° 48' 9 ''N ,33° 59' 39 ''E
Gamul Soraya 26° 47' 46 ''N ,33° 59' 30 ''E
Gamul Kebir 26° 47' 6 ''N ,33° 59' 15 ''E
Panorama Reef 26° 44' 55 ''N ,34° 4' 57 ''E
Middle Reef 26° 42' 18 ''N ,34° 5' 59 ''E
El Shehr (Shaab Sheer) 26° 39' 21 ''N ,34° 2' 22 ''E
Abu Kifan 26° 39' 12 ''N ,34° 6' 29 ''E
Salem Express 26° 38' 22 ''N ,34° 3' 40 ''E