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Technical Manager Course for Recreational Service Providers for Dive Centers and Safari Boats

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In the efforts to develop the human resources in the diving and water sports sector, the CDWS in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiques and the Egyptian Tourism Federation (ETF) has decided to implement a training program that helps to raise awareness, efficiency, and knowledge of the technical managers working in the diving centers and the safari boats. The course is available in both the Red Sea and South Sinai governorates.

Those training programs come as a result of monitoring several irregularities and multiple accidents as a result of non-compliance with safety guidelines and international standards from some professional managers, mentors, and instructors working in the diving sector. 


  1. The applicant must have a certificate of diving instructor at least the second level issued by an accredited organization in the CDWS.
  2. The age of the applicant should not be less than 25 years
  3. Holds at least High School certification.
  4. English language proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking (The training course and the following test are in English).
  5. The applicant must hold a CDWS-valid card.


Course registration:



  • The training is for 5 consecutive days (the applicants must commit to attend the entire training program days and to adhere to the training schedule, failure to do so, participation will be canceled). 
  • The fee for the training course is 2500 EGP to be paid online, through the technical managers and professionals account on the CDWS portal. 
  • For those applying for the first time to be Technical Managers for diving centers or safari boats – attending and passing this course successfully is a must to be able to be appointed as a technical manager for the diving operation.
  • In case the applicant did not pass the course for any reason, he/she is allowed to re-participate for a second time after paying a new course fee (2500 EGP).
  • If the applicant fails to take the final exam within one week from the last day of the training, their participation in the program will be canceled and they are allowed to re-participate for a second time after paying new course fees (2500 EGP).
  • If the applicant fails the second training for any reason, they shall not be able to rejoin the technical manager training for a duration of one year starting from the date of the last training course. 
  • Any current technical manager is entitled to participate in the course to improve and develop his/her performance.
  • If any of the applicants who passed the training successfully committed violations or penalties afterward, they must re-take the training a year after the date of the penalty and pay the course fee (2500 EGP).
  • Any technical manager or diving instructor with a recorded penalty by the CDWS can apply to take the training course if they meet the previously mentioned training requirements.  
  • An online evaluation form will be shared with the participants after finishing the course, which must be filled out and submitted to receive the certification. 
  • To pass the final exam successfully, the participants must achieve a minimum score of 75%, in case their score is between 73% to 74.9% they are allowed to retake the exam within a week. But in case the score is less than 73% they must repeat the entire training program and pay (2500 EGP) for new training.

Rules And Reg.:

  1. The training starts from 8:30 am till 5:30 pm.
  2. In case of a no-show after the applicant’s course registration, the course will be considered as the applicant's first course, and in case he/she would like to attend the next scheduled course, new registration and new course fee (EGP 2500) should be done and paid prior to attending the next course.
  3. In case the applicants do not wish to participate in the training program for any reason, they should report to the training department at least 48 hours before the beginning of training so the fees can be refunded or moved over to another date, if they fail to report within this time frame there will be no refund for the training fees. 
  4. Course attendance will be canceled for applicants who are not punctual.
  5. Absence is not allowed, attending the full 5 days is a must, in case of absence participation in the training shall be canceled.
  6. No mobile phones are allowed during the training, please put it on silent mode and hand it to the lecturer
  7. The lecturer has the right to cancel the trainee's participation in the course in case of not comply with the lecturer’s instructions
  8. It is not allowed to leave the training venue for any reason
  9. No Smoking is allowed inside the training room
  10. No food or drinks are allowed inside the training room during the course except for water.
  11. Course location, for Red Sea Governorate, Serry Beach Resort as shown in the following coordinates:, For South Sinai Governorate, Reef Oasis Hotel & Resort – Hadaba - as shown in the following coordinates