Windsurfing in Egypt

Windsurfing is a well established surface water sport in Egypt and combines aspects of both sailing and surfing, along with certain athletic aspects shared with other board sports like skateboarding, snowboarding or waterskiing.

The Red Sea offers plenty of fantastic places for both beginners who wish to learn the basic skills of windsurfing with easy surface conditions as well as for experienced windsurfers, aiming to perfect their jumps and spinning manoeuvres. Learning to use the board and the wind is not as difficult as you might think, but it is best to take lessons with one of the professional schools. With coaching and favourable conditions, the basic skills of sailing, steering, and turning can be learned within a few hours.

Beginners usually start with the two most common windsailing manoeuvres: turns and jibes, this means basic manoeuvres to change direction and they consist of quickly moving the sail towards the bow or stern of the board. Beginners also learn the different ‘take offs’ like the beach start or the water start; the surfer first steps on the board and pulls the sail towards the body. Alternatively, you use the wind to keep the rig in the direction of navigation and then step onto the board in shallow water (beach start) or in the sea (water start).

Advanced windsurfers might look for some waves outside sheltered lagoons and bays to perform jumps, inverted loops, spinning manoeuvres, and other "freestyle" moves and will find plenty of opportunities along the beautiful coasts of the Red Sea. Keep in mind, however, that competence in the sport and mastery of more advanced manoeuvres such as planing, carve gybing (turning downwind at speed), jumping, and more advanced moves can require lengthy practice.

Top Windsurfing Destinations

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Windsurfing Questions:

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Practical Advice

What do you need to take along with you?

You have booked your lesson or your trip. Now you need to find out what you will need to bring along. More


From beginner to experienced windsurfer

Training courses comprise the fundamentals of theory, practise and safety on the water. More

Industry Standards

The most professional centres are affiliated to internationally recognized windsurf organisations auch as VDWST which issue certifications of different levels.


Students will be equipped with a full security system, including helmet and full security jacket. Make sure that you choose a centre which sets priorities on safety issues. Safety boats, radio assistance and spots watch should always be present!


Windsurfing is possible in winds from near 0 to 50 knots, the ideal planing conditions for most recreational athletes though is 15-25 knots or 4 Bft to 6-7 Bft, with lighter winds resulting in displacement mode sailing. Wind strength in Egypt varies on the location and time of year.


Latest News

CDWS salutes annulment of decree that allowed fishing in national park

CDWS salutes annulment of decree that allowed fishing in national park
Sun, 22 May 2011
Following the annulment of the decree that allowed fishing boats to fish in Ras Mohammed National Park, CDWS can confirm that at 8am this morning, all fishing boats had left the area.

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