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New temporary board announced for CDWS
22 Mar 2011

New temporary board announced for CDWS

Dear colleagues / members of CDWS,  

This is to inform you that the Minister of Tourism has dissolved the board the Egyptian Tourism Federation (ETF) and the five boards of Tourism Chambers.

The Minister, Mr. Mouneir Fakhri Abdel Nour appointed new boards for the 5 chambers and the ETF. The current CDWS board members that will run the organizations for two months until elections are held are:

Mr. Hesham Gabr                         Chairman        
Mr. Zeyad M. ELBassel                Vice chairman        
Mr. Omar Adly Abdel Aziz             Treasurer 
Mr. Hamed Salaheldin Abdalla  Board member 
Mr. Zoheir Khair ELdin                 Board member

CDWS would like to clarify the following:

1. All five tourism Chambers continue to perform their work and services to members by its administrative organization as usual. CDWS - of course - will continue working through its branches in South Sinai and the Red Sea.

2. All the functions, mandates and duties of the five tourist chambers remain the same. This includes CDWS assigned duties and responsibilities for the diving and water sports tourism industry in accordance with Resolution 16 of 2008 and Resolution 730 of 2009 as part of Egyptian Tourism industry with the MoT.

3. There is no truth at all that sentences or decisions of any administrative authority has cancelled the role of CDWS as the only entity supervising the diving and water sports tourism industry in Egypt.
 CDWS members are continuing to provide quality services to tourists in accordance with the international standards.  

Dear colleagues; please do not listen to rumours promoted by some immoral people in their desperate effort to demolish the success and accomplishments of members and CDWS, including marketing, promotion of our destination and services provision in accordance with the international standards. 

CDWS promises to keep you informed and updated with all developments promptly, clearly and explicitly as usual.   Please do not hesitate to contact your chamber if you have any questions or need more information. 

Best wishes,  

Zeyad M. ELBassel

Executive Director of the Chamber

March 22, 2011

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