Kitesurfing in Sharm El Sheikh

When you think about this well established tourist town on the beautiful Sinai peninsula, you might connect it immediately with scuba diving to world-class sites like Ras Mohammed, or you might have a perfect holiday week in mind, together with your family or friends, to look for relaxation around the hotel’s pool or beach while others will have fun in one of the countless night life entertainments.

But today, Sharm el Sheikh has also become an insider tip for kitesurfers, who can now combine all of these activities!

The best kite spot in this area is to the north of Sharm el Sheikh, in the so-called Nabq area that has developed over the last couple of years. Here, in front of the Regency Playa Hotel, you find an ideal spot with knee-deep water for easy start-offs in the huge lagoon, and a bit further out even some waves if you want to perfect your free-style manoeuvres and many other tricks.

A short distance to the North of the centre, accessible from land or by riding upwind is a bay with waves rolling in to a shore break. Maybe not a real wave spot, but nonetheless a nice spot for advanced riders.

Thanks to its geographical position, the wind is blowing stronger here all year round, in comparison to the main tourist areas such as Na’ama Bay or Ras Um Sid further to the south, coming predominanty from north/northeast, cross to cross direction. Best wind conditions are often found in the morning, starting from 4 to 6 BFT and maybe best in the summer months.

Sharm El Sheikh Kitesurfing Centres

Kitesurfing in Sharm El Sheikh

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CDWS salutes annulment of decree that allowed fishing in national park

CDWS salutes annulment of decree that allowed fishing in national park
Sun, 22 May 2011
Following the annulment of the decree that allowed fishing boats to fish in Ras Mohammed National Park, CDWS can confirm that at 8am this morning, all fishing boats had left the area.

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