Liveaboards: Diving Full Immersion!

A multi-day live-aboard safari in the Red Sea is definitely the ultimate diving experience. A live-aboard vessel enables you to the remote reefs and rarely dived wrecks. You can make up to four dives a day, including night dives.Your gear is always ready at hand for that rare, once in a lifetime opportunity to dive with dolphins or whale sharks.

Depending on the routes and kind of safari, you might be required to have a minimum of logged dives and an advanced diver certification. In Egypt, some safari destinations are in fact only for experienced divers. Others are suitable though also for medium-experience divers.

Many Red Sea live-aboard boats are renowned for their comfort, convenience and safety: private air-conditioned cabins, deliciously cooked meals, professional photography services, modern communication and navigation systems.

Live-aboard cruises depart throughout the year from Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada, Safaga, Marsa Alam, Port Ghaleb, and other minor ports. The most popular itineraries are:

  • North Red Sea, diving in the legendary Straits of Tiran and Gubal with dives at the Ras Mohammed National Park
  • North Wrecks, special for “wreckies”, with the awesome Abu Nuhas ship graveyard (Giannis D., Chrisoula K., Carnatic and Kimon M.) and the fabled Thistlegorm. Some also dive the Rosalie Muller and the Dunraven.
  • South Marine Park, with the most spectacular underwater life in the Red Sea, diving at the amazing reefs of Elphinstone, Samadai, Sha’ab Makhsour, Sha’ab Claude, Sataya and St. John.
  • Deep South, heading towards the remote and legendary Rocky and Zabargad Islands.
  • The Brother Islands, in the very middle of the Red Sea, jutting out of the depths in a wealth of pelagics and reef fauna.

The following Liveaboard boats have been met ISO standards EN 14467 / ISO 24803 for diving as agreed with Egypt’s CDWS, the Austrian Institute of Norms and the European Underwater Federation.

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M/Y Angelina 2
SSSB 0019 S

Travco Jetty Telephone : (20) 12 2815210

M/Y Bella 1
SSSB 0067 S

M/Y Blue Force 2
SSSB 0062 S

Travco Jetty Telephone :

M/Y Brena 1
SSSB 0031 S

M/Y Carlton
SSSB 0001 S

Travco Jetty Telephone :

M/Y Carlton Queen
SSSB 0064 S

Travco Jetty Telephone :

M/Y Cyclone
SSSB 0012 S

M/Y Dive Runner
SSSB 0065 S

Travco Jetty Telephone :

M/Y Dunja
SSSB 0044 S

Travco Jetty Telephone :

M/Y Etoiles
SSSB 0061 S

Travco Jetty Telephone : +20 10053 66170

M/Y Ghazala 1
SSSB 0018 S

M/Y Hurea 3
SSSB 0059 S

Travco Jetty Telephone :

M/Y Hurea 8
SSSB 0024 S

Sharks Bay Resort Telephone : (20) 69 3600942

M/Y Hurricane
SSSB 0002 S

M/Y Indepandance
SSSB 0063 S

Travco Jetty Telephone : +2 0100 5432130

M/Y Juliet
SSSB 0004 S

Sharm el Sheikh Telephone : (20) 100 1217030

M/Y King Snefro 5
SSSB 0014 S

M/Y King Snefro 6
SSSB 0015 S

M/Y Mistral
SSSB 0058 S

Travco Jetty - Sharm El Shiekh Telephone : (02) 1229001204

M/Y Ocean Dream
SSSB 0016 S

Travco Jetty Telephone : (20) 100 5289538

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CDWS salutes annulment of decree that allowed fishing in national park

CDWS salutes annulment of decree that allowed fishing in national park
Sun, 22 May 2011
Following the annulment of the decree that allowed fishing boats to fish in Ras Mohammed National Park, CDWS can confirm that at 8am this morning, all fishing boats had left the area.

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